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Fairies of the Webs ( A Tecna fanfic)

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Fairies of the Webs ( A Tecna fanfic) Empty Fairies of the Webs ( A Tecna fanfic)

Post  RippleRain Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:19 pm

This will be my first ever fanfic so sorry if it's not good. Suggestions are welcome but that does not mean I'll use them. And BTW I don't own Winx Club. I do however own Tecna's sister!

This starts out in Alfea.

Tecna was checking her Emails like usual when Musa came in. "Tecna? There's someone who want to see you!" Said Musa, " And she dosn't look too happy!"

I would write more but my computer is going to shut down soon. Sorry. Crying or Very sad I'll write more ASAP though.


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Fairies of the Webs ( A Tecna fanfic) Empty Tecna & Musa

Post  jaberpuddle Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:47 am

I like your idea of Tecna's sister. My favorite member of the Winx Club is Musa. If I was going to write a Fan Fic. of my own, after graduating Musa wuold open a club where new musisions could perform, people could dance, sing, & enjoy all things related to music. Feel free to use this idea. I don't have the time to write a Fan fic. or I would LOVE to do one!

I am looking forward to reading about Tecna's Sister. I'm sure you have her name picked out & whether or not she has a pet & all that. Good luk with your story! What a Face


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